750 bows for a vanished farmer
Heike Mareille Pfreundtner and Dwijaya Syaifil Munir and Diana Maria Sagvosdkina

Dienstag, 23.Oktober 2007, 20 Uhr

(750 Bögen für einen verschwundenen Landwirt) Performance in Memoriam der 150 000 Selbstmorde der Indischen Bauern auf Grund der Saatgutpolitik von MONSANTO. The performance is in memoriam for the 150 000 suicides in Indian farmers. Since 10 years the seed policy of multinationals like MONSANTO bring farmers into life-threatening situations. And since that time farmers began committing suicide. Our performance is meant to give back a lost hope to those who were devoted to mother earth while farming and nurrishing humanity with the fruit of their working hands. Hands and their gesture and the bowing for worshipping while working is the main quality in „750 bows for a vanished farmer“. As Heike and Dwijaya are moving around Europe during September-October they are waiting for offers where they can perform. The 2 other topics they bring are for pupils: Cultural introduction into Indonesian tradition (photos and short films) and the basics of the Jawanese dance (Dwijaya) Information about the world wide campaign against GMOs in agriculture. All over the planet farming is in danger to be overwhelmed by genetically engineering comparable with the green revolution. Only that the loosers this time are all farmers. A combined programme is possible, too. The performance can also be shown inside the school.